Monday, 9 April 2012

Autistic People Should ... Flash Blog 23 February 2013

4 April: 1 Voice NE @ Brigit's

Brigit, Jemima and Michael, with Mum's and PAs, get together to put final touches to agenda for the launch of 1 Voice NE 21 April at Northern Counties College.

27 Mar: LAMP @ Northern Counties

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning.

17 Mar: Cued Speech @ Newcastle Uni

with trainer Nicholas Orpin of the Cued Speech Association, organised by Alanna Bentley, speech therapy student at Newcastle Uni.

29 Feb: Judy King @ College

College agreed (May 2011) specialist assessment of Michael's communication needs could take place at college, breakthrough, as Connexions worried they might not buy into the results of an assessment we paid for privately.

Much liaising with Principal and Connexions to get it to actually happen, but here we are, 2nd half of 3rd and final year, and it did.

Independent Speech and Language Therapist Judy King, who specialises in AAC,  assessed Michael's comprehension, expressive language, and communication aid skills today through informal chat, dictation, picture description, the Test For Reception of Grammar (TROG), and the Derbyshire Language Scheme. 

There was just enough time after the assessment for Judy to give family and college staff a brief overview of how Michael did. 

24 Feb: 84 LLL on Vantage Lite

Got Vantage Lite on loan from RCAS Newcastle for Michael to try as potential replacement for his 9 years old Pathfinder. It only has 84 keys whereas Pathfinder has 128, so many words will be in new places and some may be missing altogether. Vantage it smaller and lighter though.

6-12 Feb: Pixon Kit Upgrade

Got Pixon Kit at Liberator's special 21st Birthday price of £21 (so we bought 2) and started to upgrade it straight away. Pixon Kit has just over 200 words (with symbols) in a flip-out wallet and we found that without the symbols we could fit over 500 core words. Delighted.